KD Conservatory Featured on Examiner.com

Find a snippet below of a wonderful article on Examiner.com about KD Conservatory.  Linda Leonard was interviewed in this amazing piece. Conventional colleges and universities with classes unrelated to future endeavors are not for everyone. The ninth biggest city in the United States is giving New York City and Los Angeles a run for their money. Think of Dallas’ KD Conservatory as the next step from a real-life High School Musical. Disney star and X Factor judge Demi Lavato, Glee’s Mark McHale and Mark Salling, CSI’s George Eads and award-winning actor Julio Cedillo attended KD and prospered within their desired… read more

You Can’t Make This Up: Actors Known for Their Improv Skills

To truly master the art of improvisational acting, you must be able to think on your feet, respond to the unexpected without missing a beat, and seamlessly create a spur-of-the-moment dialog that other cast members can integrate into their performance. What’s more, you must do all this while continuing to engage the audience with your storytelling or comedy. Through excelling at improv takes talent, practice, and acting training, some actors are able to make it look effortless. Here are just a few actors whose have found success making improvisation a major part of their careers. Robin Williams – From his… read more

6 Indie Films That Made it Big

Often, independent films are automatically at a disadvantage; without the support of big-name studios, their limited budget for production and marketing can make it hard for a film to succeed. But some indie films overcome this barrier, making it big despite their restrictions. Below, in no particular order, are six independent films that went on to great commercial and critical success. 1.    Napoleon Dynamite (2004): The off-the-wall comedy that brought us the story of Napoleon, Uncle Rico, Kip, Pedro and even Tina the llama – as well as endless retellings of jokes about Chapstick and mothers attending institutes of higher… read more

Stage Presence: What it Means, Why it Matters, and How to Improve it

Whether you call it “star power”, “the x-factor”, or simply “It”, stage presence can be hard to describe – but easy to spot. Stage presence refers to the certain charisma and charm that a theater actor or performer possesses that draws in an audience and commands their full attention. But does stage presence really matter? And how can you improve it? Does it Matter? Stage presence can, quite simply, be a defining factor in an actor’s success. Of course, it’s not everything; an actor can still be considered talented at their craft without exceptional stage presence, and all the stage… read more

5 Famous Child Actors Who Became Adult A-List Stars

Some people believe that the key to making it as an actor is to get started as young as possible. However, this isn’t always true; plenty of successful actors didn’t get their starts until later in life. Likewise, achievement as a child actor doesn’t necessarily translate to continued acting success as an adult actor. Some young actors reach their peak as child stars, later either struggling to find the same success or simply choosing to follow another career path. Other child actors, however, go on to long and fruitful careers, transitioning beautifully from childhood roles to adult stardom. Here are… read more

From the Background to the Spotlight: Actors Who Got Their Start as Extras

Many aspiring actors dream being discovered at a young age by a big-name Hollywood executive and becoming an instant star. However, for most actors, the path to fame is hard work. Even some of the biggest names in Hollywood paid their dues as extras and in bit parts before working their way to the top. Here are just a few famous actors who made the journey from extras to movie stars.  Long before they were A-list Hollywood stars, childhood friends – and renowned baseball fans – Ben Affleck and Matt Damon appeared as extras in Kevin Costner’s 1986 Field of… read more

Is a Career as a Voice Actor Right for You?

The ability to portray a personality, to convey emotion, and to bring listeners into a story with voice alone is a remarkable talent – and one that is often highly sought-after. Voice actors must be able to captivate an audience, tell a story, and show a lot of personality, all without the benefit of facial expressions, body movements, or visual props. With the right voice over training, gifted voice actors can succeed in a number of different careers that call for voice talent. Do you think you have what it takes to make a career as a voice actor? Here… read more

Musical Theatre: The People Behind the Scenes

One of the aspects that sets musical theatre acting apart from film acting is the connection between the live audience and the actor; during a performance, it can seem to both parties as if the two groups, the actors and their audience, are all that exist. However, out of sight and behind the scenes is an extensive crew of talented people who the actors rely upon to make the production possible. Here are just a few of the roles that work closely with musical theatre actors, without which the show could not go on. Choreographer A choreographer is often thought… read more