KD Conservatory Remembers Larry Hagman

The acting community lost an inspirational contributor this past weekend with the passing of beloved actor Larry Hagman. Hagman, a Dallas resident and native of Fort Worth, passed away on Friday, November 23rd, at the age of 81. Hagman gained mainstream fame for his portrayal of astronaut Major Anthony “Tony” Nelson on the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, running from 1965 through 1970. Hagman’s affable Major Nelson became the master of Jeannie, portrayed by Barbara Eden, after discovering and rubbing her bottle, leading to an ongoing series of adventures and, eventually, love. However, though his resume boasts over 100 television… read more

Prison Break Features KD Conservatory Faculty, Alumni and Instructors

Throughout its four seasons, the Fox television series Prison Break was popular with audiences and critics alike, earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and winning both a People’s Choice Award and ALMA Award in 2006. In addition, however, it appears that Prison Break was popular with another crowd: a number of KD Conservatory alumni, faculty, and instructors have made appearances on the series throughout the years.   T.A. Taylor Relationship to KD Conservatory: Faculty, Acting Program Chair of Acting Degree Program Role on Prison Break: Pickup Truck Driver (“Hell or High Water”) About the Character: When Whistler needs to make… read more

Dennis Bishop Receives Lone Star Film Festival Commitment to Texas Award

We are proud to announce that KD Conservatory’s very own Motion Picture Production Chair, Dennis Bishop, has recently received the Lone Star Film Festival Commitment to Texas Award. Bishop was honored with the award during the LSFF Filmmaker Awards dinner on Saturday, November 10th at the 6th Annual Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth, TX. The Lone Star Film Festival Commitment to Texas Award was established to honor those who have shown dedication and commitment to supporting the film community within Texas. Without question, Bishop has been an outstanding advocate for Texas’ film community throughout his accomplished career, from… read more

6 Common Theatre Superstitions

With a performance’s success relying on so many little things going right, it’s no surprise that those in theatre are, as a whole, a superstitious lot. But in addition to the traditional superstitions, there are a few that are unique to the theatre environment. Here are six of the more common superstitions you’re likely to run across in a theatre. 1. “Break a Leg” Nearly everyone, whether an actor or not, is familiar with the tradition of telling someone who is about to perform to “break a leg”. But where did this tradition come from? There are a few theories… read more

5 Songs to Skip at Your Next Musical Theatre Audition

Choosing just the right song for your upcoming musical theatre audition can be stressful. What genre should you choose? What would the casting director want to hear? How do you even begin to narrow down the choices? While there are a number of great options available that would be perfect for your individual needs, there are some others that you should absolutely avoid. Here are five songs that you should cross off the list of choices for your next musical theatre audition.  1.    The Overdone There are some musical theatre audition songs that seem like obvious choices: they’re popular, time-tested,… read more

Tips for A Great Demo Reel

Landing an acting role or a position on a film production crew is much like any other job application process; you supply those who are hiring (including potential agents) with a list of your qualifications, education, and experience. But those in charge of casting and hiring for a production don’t just want to read what you’ve done – they also want to see what you can do. A demo reel can be an excellent tool to show off your skills, whether in acting or in motion picture production, and help set you apart. Here are a few tips to keep… read more