What Equipment Does an Aspiring Indie Filmmaker Need?

At KD Conservatory, we give our acting and motion picture production students access to professional, state-of-the art filmmaking equipment. We believe that sophisticated, specialized equipment gives our students the ability to take their creativity and talent to the highest level. But what if you want to try making an independent film on your own and don’t have access to this type of equipment? While your gear won’t be up to the quality of the equipment at KD, it’s possible to put together an entry-level filmmaking and film directing equipment collection with a few key pieces. Camera Let’s start with the… read more

Spotlight On: KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Program

Does your dream career involve performing under the bright lights of the stage, or working hard behind the scenes in musical theatre? To succeed in a career in musical theatre, the first thing you’ll need is a strong background through education and experience. That’s where KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Degree Program comes in. Think this program could be right for you? Read on to learn more about what our Musical Theatre Degree Program has to offer. What to Expect KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Degree Program is a four-semester program in which students will earn their Associate of Applied Arts in… read more

KD Studio Presents 2-Day Acting Intensive Featuring Casting Director Jane Jenkins

After all of the countless hours of rehearsals, performances, classes, and late nights poring over and practicing lines, it all builds up to one moment that offers the chance to take the next step: the audition. Nail the audition and you could find yourself landing the role of your dreams – but first, you have to impress the casting director. And how better to learn how to do just that, than to learn directly from an accomplished movie and television casting director? Join KD Studio as we present “Act, Sing, Stand Out” – an exclusive, intensive weekend workshop featuring renowned… read more

“I Want to Learn How to Act. What Classes Should I Start With?”

At KD Conservatory, you might often hear us bragging on our degree programs, including our Acting Program, and for good reason – these 15-month programs offer our acting students incredible instruction, with award-winning faculty, immersive and hands-on experience, and a well-rounded body of education. However, we realize that a complete degree program may not be right for you just yet. Maybe you’re not out of high school yet, but want to gain some acting education – or maybe you’ve never acted before, and want to try out a class or two to test it out.  If you’re not yet ready… read more

Famous Film Stars Who Turned – or Returned – to Broadway

Many Hollywood stars got their start on the stage before they found success in film acting. Often, actors feel pulled towards one path or the other, choosing to either pursue film or in theatre and largely leaving the other behind. But what about the A-list stars who indulged their love for theatre after making it big in movies or television? Below are four famous stars who joined the growing ranks of those who moved from Hollywood to Broadway, either for the first time or returning to their original acting passion. Hugh Jackman Known For: Hugh Jackman is best known for… read more

KD Conservatory Faculty Member Nominated for Prestigious Award

If you’re looking for an acting and film school in Dallas with a faculty that is constantly being nominated for famous awards, KD Conservatory’s latest faculty member to be recognized as an industry expert and award nominee further cement’s our reputation as a school with an exceptional faculty that we are immensely proud of – and rightfully so. KD Conservatory’s own Harper Robinson’s recent film, Beyond Pollution, has been nominated for the prestigious Cinema for Peace’s International Green Film Award. Harper was the lead producer, lead researcher and co-writer on the film. Beyond Pollution tells the tale of systemic greed… read more

Beyond High School: How to Prepare Now for a Career in Acting

For some high school students drama or theatre is just another elective. For others, however, acting is a way of life – and an acting career the ultimate goal.  But if you want to be an actor after high school, you’ll need to prepare to take your skills and experience to the next level. However, that doesn’t mean waiting around until you graduate to figure out your next move; by starting to plan for your higher education and eventual career in acting now, while still in high school, you can give yourself a valuable head start on every step of… read more

What Does KD Conservatory’s Motion Picture Production Program Have to Offer?

Have you always dreamed of being part of the film crews that bring movies and television productions to life? Making it in the film production industry isn’t always easy. It requires hard work, dedication, long hours, and a commitment to learning the skills that make you a valuable part of the team. We’re here to help you get those skills – as well as the invaluable hands-on experience – you need. The Motion Picture Production and film program at KD Conservatory has over a 90% employment rate and a 100% completion rate, meaning we can help you turn your dream… read more