Critical Rant says Michael Serrecchia’s latest Project “Solid Gold”

Michael Serrecchia’s  (Musical Theatre Program Chair) latest project “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” is getting rave reviews. Here are a few quotes from Critical Rant “Stage director Michael Serrecchia could take a big musical like “The King and I” and produce it in a closet with a full cast and make it shine.” “Serrecchia upped the show’s game by casting tall, angular, sad-eyed Folsom in the lead, a charismatic regional professional with multi-dimensional chops.” “To reiterate, a strong, talented ensemble, directed handily by a top-flight director with impeccable instincts” “Hank Williams: Lost Highway” runs Wednesday through Sunday through November 3, 2013… read more

Water Tower Theatre interviews Michael Serrecchia

Michael Serrecchia interviewed by Water Tower Theatre

Water Tower Theatre interviews Michael Serrecchia Musical Theatre Program Chair. Water Tower Theatre sits down with Michael Serrecchia to discuss his career and latest project Directing HANK WILLIAMS:  LOST HIGHWAY.

Drama and Theater Arts: One of the best choices for finding a job

Drama and Theater Arts: One of the best choices for finding a job Yahoo Education quoting statistics from a recent Georgetown University study on unemployment rates for recent graduates found even in a down economy, people want to be entertained.  Some of the findings included Drama & Theater Arts unemployment rates of only 6.4% compared with other fields of study like Architecture at 13.9% and Commercial Art and Graphic Design at 11.8%. KD Conservatory & KD Studio have some the highest placement rates after graduation in the United States.  If you are considering a career in Acting, Musical Theatre or Motion… read more

KD’s Faculty in HOT Show – The Winter’s Tale

Hot Show The Winters Tale at Addison Circle Park 2

KD Faculty is in Dallas’ – Hot Show: ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at Addison Circle Park Directed by: Rene Moreno (KD – Acting Faculty) Cast includes: T.A. Taylor (Director of KD Conservatory) and Vanessa DeSilvio (Instructor of Voice) Lawson Taitte – Theater Critic “If you doubt Shakespeare Dallas can do elegant, go see The Winter’s Tale. The play is a minitragedy followed by a minicomedy, both breathing the atmosphere of myth and fairy tale. King Leontes of Sicilia (T.A. Taylor) and his queen Hermione (Michelle Courtney Schwartz) are hosting his old friend King Polixenes of Bohemia (Neil Rogers). Leontes, for… read more

KD Studio/KD Conservatory Founder & CEO interview by KTXD

Kathy Tyner interview

  “Kathy Tyner, CEO and founder of KD Studio/KD Conservatory is interviewed on KTXD on how her school has grown and changed since 1979 to include and education towards Associate of Applied Arts Degrees in Acting, Musical Theatre and their newest Film-Making program, Motion Picture Production.” You can read the entire article at KTXD Interview.

New Music Video: Check out what KD Students have been up to!

KD Studio Students

Featuring: Justin Labosco – Acting Performance Grad Stephanie Fischer – Acting & Musical Theatre Grad Brittanee Bailey – Musical Theatre Grad Kia Boyer – Musical Theatre Grad Heath Billups – Musical Theatre Grad Timothy Starling – Imagination Player Alum Crew/Tech: Tyler Case – Motion Picture Production Grad Brady Tulk – Motion Picture Production Grad Jeff Keas – Motion Picture Production Current Student Adriana Aguilera – Motion Picture Production Current Student Directed by: Ryan Matthieu Smith – Designer for Imagination Players Great job everyone!!