Making the KD to Santa Fe Connection

January 25, 2017  |  Posted by: Ali Kazanowski

Development Corner
by Reis M. McCormick

If you are thinking of using the Articulation Agreement between KD and Santa Fe University of Art & Design, you’re in great company!
On our recent recruiting trip to New Mexico’s state thespian festival, we took the opportunity to catch up with a few KD alums who were just coming back
to SFUAD from winter break. Our meeting at the historic Plaza Cafe in the Santa Fe square was a pleasant way to hear their news.


Left to Right: Paul Gleason, Amy Puente, Reis McCormick, Jeff Keas, Zach Kelly

RM: How’s everybody doing?
Two thumbs up all around our crowded little lunch table.
Paul Gleason (MPP) has always known he would be a director, and is “headed to where the work is” after graduation in December.
To make connections, he has really put himself out there, working in The Grip House on campus, and taking on projects outside of school
through his faculty. Zach Kelly (MPP) has enjoyed success with a script he’s developing, and since leaving KD has discovererd his talent and passion as
a colorist. He’s headed to L.A. Same for Amy Puente (Acting) whose talent was obvious to all during her tenure at KD. Many students remember her as an Admissions Rep after she graduated — now she’s following her dream to make the most of her beauty and brains! Like the others, she’s working on projects (cast in five films! Go Amy!) outside of class work.
Jeff Keas (the new face of SFUAD film school – check out the brochure!) continues to be a successful producer and actor. He hasn’t decided what’s next, but like his fellow Texans in New Mexico, Jeff wouldn’t say “no” to working at home in Texas, or through his new network in New Mexico. BTW, the series Longmire (Netflix) is shooting it’s final season on SFUAD campus this year.

After sharing ideas and laughing about memories from KD, we concluded our visit on a thoughtful note.
RM: So, What have you learned about yourselves and the two schools, now that you have attended both? Do you feel you were well-prepared?
Heads nodding, the table fell silent as they considered the question. Then, each agreed on this: in each program, you can tell who the success stories will be because successful students know that opportunities happen for you when you make the effort to go above and beyond.
(Hmm. Sounds familiar!)

So, to Paul, Amy, Zach and Jeff, as well as Cynthia Schaeffer (MT) and Jerome Arrey (Acting), Bravo! we applaud you and as always, your KD family will do whatever we can to help you succeed!

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