KD Alum, Marissa Bell, chats about ’13 Reasons Why’

KD Alum, Marissa Bell, was cast as an extra on the hit Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’. We talked to her about her experience as an extra and life on set… 1. How is life after graduation? It’s great, a lot of auditioning more than anything. I love auditioning though, you get to show casting what you’re capable of and get to meet everyone else in the area who is interested in the industry. Most auditions I’ve been to I’ve seen more than a few familiar faces. Workshops have played a pretty big part after graduating for me personally. I… read more

3 Tips Every Actor Needs to Know

Listen to direction. A director needs to know that they can get what they want out of an actor. Even if you’re a phenomenal actor, directors will not want to work with you if you can’t take direction. Responding well to direction, being able to change how you perform a scene, will make directors much more eager to work with you. Visualize a scene when performing it. When acting, you need to visualize where your scene is taking place and then project that image onto your performance space. If you’re gesturing to a clock or a door, put it in… read more

Structure of a Screenplay

Even if you’re experienced in writing, writing a screenplay is like entering a whole other world. Because most full-length screenplays are written so that they can be adapted into a two-hour movie, they tend to be around 110 pages long. As a result of this standard length, there is a pretty well-defined general structure for writing screenplays. While you don’t need to follow this structure exactly to write a great screenplay, it’s always helpful to know the basics before trying something more complicated. So here are some helpful tips for understanding screenplay structure: A typical screenplay is divided into three… read more