Where We Started

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Kim Dawson and Kathy Tyner founded KD Studio, Inc. in 1979 in Dallas, Texas to provide Dallas area actors a workshop space to continue their training. In January 2011, KD Studio, Inc. applied with the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges to operate as KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts, a Subsidiary of KD Studio, Inc., a fully accredited college offering Associate of Applied Arts Degrees in Acting Performance, Musical Theatre, and Motion Picture Production.

Celebrating over 36 years of professional training, our college has been dedicated to the development of acting skills and motion picture production technical skills and to the creation of avenues into the professional world of entertainment. Because the business of entertainment is ever-changing, the board of directors, administration, educators and instructors are continuously searching for ways to provide a strong foundation for aspiring actors and film technicians.

We believe that each student possesses unique qualities and that by employing their individual strengths, students have the opportunity to develop the skills that will enable them to realize their full potential in the entertainment field.

Our college provides a creative atmosphere in which actors with diverse backgrounds and skill levels can experience a variety of techniques and styles to help hone their skills through practice and discovery.

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