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Our students talk about their experience at KD Studio

“The best thing about KD Studio is an instant network! It’s all real, everything we do is geared toward one thing, getting a job. The teachers hold nothing back and that is exactly what we need.”
-Matt Fowler
“After a few classes you will look at movies, T.V. shows, and commercials in a whole new way! It’s a whole new world. It opens up new horizons.”
“Before I came to KD I had no clue about the industry. Now I have the confidence and knowledge to start a successful career.”
-Richard Bodiford
“Enrolling at KD Studio put me in the Dallas acting community instantly. Nowhere else can you instantly join a network like that. At KD your creative passions are recharged daily: through classes, your classmates, and the incomparable faculty. My understanding of the art and craft of acting has grown in the leaps and bounds; this would not be possible anywhere else, choosing KD was a good decision.”

-Natalie Clair


“Learning never felt so fun!”

-Thiago Martins


“Who ever said that there was an age limit on enrolling in an acting school? There is an actor in everyone, all you have to do is get the training, and believe me, it’s worth it.”
-Jerel Wilhort
“The instructors are the greatest. They make the classes fun and informative. They are very caring about your career. They try to lift your spirits when you’re down. It’s great. I can’t wait to see what 2nd semester is like.”
-Mark Dunn
“The KD program is great for beginners. I came here with little experience and now I have a full resume and complete confidence in myself.”
-Jaimie Johnson
“Just like with anything else, you get what you put into this and at the KD you get so much. I’m not just speaking of the acting techniques and skills, you have the possibility of learning so much about life and dealing with people. Here you learn of a whole new world.”
-Britni Updyke
“This school is totally unique, trust me you will not be disappointed.”
-Micah Pediford

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