Structure of a Screenplay

Even if you’re experienced in writing, writing a screenplay is like entering a whole other world. Because most full-length screenplays are written so that they can be adapted into a two-hour movie, they tend to be around 110 pages long. As a result of this standard length, there is a pretty well-defined general structure for writing screenplays. While you don’t need to follow this structure exactly to write a great screenplay, it’s always helpful to know the basics before trying something more complicated. So here are some helpful tips for understanding screenplay structure: A typical screenplay is divided into three… read more

KD Welcomes Andy Anderson!

KD Conservatory recently welcomed renowned Writer, Producer and Director, Andy Anderson, to faculty! Andy is the writer and director of the independent feature hit, Positive I.D., (Universal Pictures) nominated for Best Picture at Sundance Film Festival. The film also made a number of  best lists and was one of only two American films to be chosen for the exclusive “New Directors/New Films” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has written screenplays for Universal Pictures, Hyperion Pictures’ Honeymoon in Moscow, and Paramount Pictures’ Eddie Nine Lives for Eddie Murphy Productions. His screenplay Look It Up was invited to… read more

Real World Film, Real World Experience

Recently, current and former students signed on to work on location with David Pinkston, instructor of cinematography in the Film Program at KD Conservatory. The project was a simple scene to be shot and edited and used as part of David’s Master in Film thesis proposal at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Working on location is real world “flight time” as he calls it. “There is nothing like it. Students obtain real, hands-on experience learning the creative craft of motion picture production on location.” The production day started on a Sunday and was slated for four hours. Tim Martin,… read more

Women in Film honor Film Chair, Dennis Bishop and former instuctor Allison Tolman at the Topaz Awards

Women in Film Dallas delighted to announce DENNIS BISHOP as 2014 Topaz Gratitude Award Honoree.  The Gratitude Award is presented to an outstanding individual who has served as a gracious benefactor and contributed time and effort to television and film presence in the Metroplex and the great state of Texas. Dennis has made giving back to the film community – especially the Texas film community – a priority and this November 22 at WIFD’s Topaz Awards Gala he joins the ranks of previous honorees Larry Hagman, Chuck Norris, and Don Stokes.  A native Texan, Dennis’ film career began with corporate videos in the 1970’s to… read more

KD Conservatory 4th Semester Project – Addiction – is playing at the Lake Charles Film Festival, Saturday, October 11, 2014

KD Conservatory Graduate, Zachary Kelly’s film Addiction, will be screening at the Lake Charles Film Festival this Saturday, October 11 at the end of the 9pm shorts block. Addiction was the 4th semester final project from the Spring 2013 graduating class.  It started out as a webisode but several months ago Zack re-edited the Addiction Webisode series (3 episodes) into a single short film and began submitting the film to film festivals. It worked! Congratulations to Zack Kelly and the Film class of Spring 2013! If you want to see the rest of the schedule click on the link.  

Congratulations to the Summer 2014 Graduates!

KD Conservatory is proud to present the graduating classes of  Summer 2014 .   We are so proud of all their accomplishments both in our school and outside.  We wish them all the best as they continue their journey in the world of Entertainment!   Summer 2014 ACTING Graduating Class: Bottom row: Colton Brown, LaTonya Coleman, Kalita Gales, Edwin Williams Middle Row: Jermaine Emerson, Sierra J.J., Taylor Robinson, Dominique Edwards Top Row: Brian Loomis, Alfonso Davis, Blake McNamara, Dylan Haymond   Summer 2014 FILM Graduating Class: From Left to Right:  David Ryan, Jeff Keas, Tanner White, Michael Goldermann, Michael Nadler, Adriana Aguilera

New Music Video: Check out what KD Students have been up to!

KD Studio Students

Featuring: Justin Labosco – Acting Performance Grad Stephanie Fischer – Acting & Musical Theatre Grad Brittanee Bailey – Musical Theatre Grad Kia Boyer – Musical Theatre Grad Heath Billups – Musical Theatre Grad Timothy Starling – Imagination Player Alum Crew/Tech: Tyler Case – Motion Picture Production Grad Brady Tulk – Motion Picture Production Grad Jeff Keas – Motion Picture Production Current Student Adriana Aguilera – Motion Picture Production Current Student Directed by: Ryan Matthieu Smith – Designer for Imagination Players Great job everyone!!

3 Pieces of Advice From Top Film School Instructors

Film School at KD Conservatory

Words of Wisdom for Film School Students When you’re a film school student, you may have an idealistic mindset about how your career will progress. As you gain experience, you may feel disillusioned by the challenges of making it in the film industry. Memorize these four pieces of advice from some of today’s top film school instructors. Remember them when you’re feeling down about the pressures of filmmaking. 1. The Story Still Matters Even After Film School After you graduate from filming school, you may find yourself battling a Hollywood studio that seems concerned only about marketing and making money…. read more

When Should I Shoot My Film School Feature?

Film Classes at KD Conservatory

How Seasonality Can Determine Actor Availability for Your Film School Project You may think that summer delivers the best weather for shooting your film school project. On the other hand, you may prefer the vibrant colors and milder temperatures of spring or autumn. Most filming schools teach that the best time to make a feature is during the winter months. The main factor in favor of winter filming is actor availability. Why Winter is the Best Time to Find Actors for Your Film School Project Whether you find actors in the community or among your film production school classmates, actor… read more

Film School Tips: How Long Should My Feature Film Script Be?

Film Classes for Adults at KD Studio

Advice From Film School Instructors on Determining the Length of Your Script When you develop your first feature film in film school, you usually begin with either a short script, a short story or a novella. Depending on the requirements for your project, you need to then create a script that provides the right amount of footage. Use some of these tips taught by good film schools: Tip No. 1: Remember the 30-Second Rule In general, 30 seconds of film footage equals one page of a script. This comparison can vary depending on how wordy the lines are, but the… read more