Acting Classes for Children

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All acting classes for children and teens at KD Conservatory a Subsidiary of KD Studio, Inc. draw on the strength of each child’s natural creativity while preparing them to work professionally on camera or on stage.

Kreative Dramatics for Kids I (Ages 4-6)

Introduces children with limited reading skills to basic commercial and camera technique using creative dramatics, music and movement. Through positive reinforcement the children learn to respect others’ work, the responsibilities of commercial work on a set and working with an ensemble. 8 Weeks: Saturdays (2 Hrs Each Week) Cost: $325

Kreative Dramatics for Kids II (Ages 4-6)

(Prerequisite – Kreative Dramatics for Kids I or approval of Admissions Dept.)
Further exploration of the creative process applied to commercial, film and stage. Structured to allow repetition for those children who are working or plan to work professionally in the industry. Emphasis is placed on assisting each child develop their unique quality and talent. Throughout the course, we encourage parents to help with scripts and invite them to view the last class as a final “take”. 8 Weeks: Saturdays (2 Hrs Each Week) Cost: $325

Television Commercial Workshop for Children I (Ages 7-11)

Three-fold purpose: (1) Experience with talking and moving in front of camera and then viewing playback. (2) Acquainting children with aspects of the business, including interpreting commercial copy and showing personality to the camera. (3) Reading cold copy in auditions and understanding the audition process. 8 Weeks: Saturdays (2 Hrs Each Week) Cost: $325

Television Commercial Workshop for Children II (Ages 7-11)

(Prerequisite – Children’s I or approval of Admissions Dept.)
Review of commercial techniques and introduction to film acting using improvisations as a major tool. Scenes with adult partners and introduction to the discipline of “continuity”. This workshop is structured so that children who are committed to working in the industry may repeat it. Throughout the children’s courses and workshops, parents are encouraged to work with the student on scripts and are invited to attend the last class. 8 Weeks: Saturdays (2 Hrs Each Week) Cost: $325

Introduction to Television Commercials (Ages 12-16)

This course helps in understanding aspects of the commercialmarket for teens. Class begins with explanation of technical terms, scoring copy, the basic guidelines for commercialinterpretation, and introduction to camera technique. Students are videotaped throughout class in a wide array of “copy” work. Course includes cold reading and audition technique. 8 Weeks: Saturdays (2 Hrs Each Week) Cost: $425

Teens’ Camera Acting (Ages 12-16)

Works on the techniques of acting for film and television. Material covers the difference between close-up, over-theshoulder, and medium and long shots. Discussed is technique for hitting marks, continuity, and staying in frame. 8 Weeks: Saturdays (2 Hrs Each Week) Cost: $425

Film Acting Camp (40 Hours)

Cost: $695

Introduction to Acting (16 Hours)

Cost: $425

This class focuses on developing the basics of acting through work with a partner. Students will be developing and perfecting scenes by applying various approaches and techniques. The work will include: reacting and listening skills, character development, improvisation, partner work and script analysis.

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Classes will be rescheduled two business days prior to the start of a new session if they do not meet the minimum enrollment. KD Conservatory reserves the right to cancel, combine or reschedule any class. Admissions may alter the class schedule during a session to accommodate holidays.

What sets KD Studio apart from other acting programs is our faculty – experienced, working professionals who know the business from the inside out. For over 30 years, KD Studio has been helping artists hone their craft so that they can succeed in the entertainment industry. KD Studio has become one of the country’s most successful training grounds for professionals in acting, musical theatre, and movie production.

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