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Today’s demand of the entertainment industry for moving and realistic performance – particularly film’s demand for absolute authenticity – creates the need for highly skilled actors. For those who wish to meet this requirement while pursuing their acting career, but have a limited schedule, KD Studio offers the 8-Week evening acting workshops.

These workshops are hands-on, cutting-edge explorations into the art of acting that give students a variety of experiences needed for acquiring real skills for the real world. Designed for beginning actors as well as those with performing experience, the evening courses allow students to go beyond the basics and prepare themselves for a professional career.

Payment plans are available for all short course classes. A $100 deposit is required upon enrollment to hold your spot in the class. This deposit will be applied toward the cost of the class. The remaining balance must be paid in equal payments and paid in full by the 5th class.

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Media Broadcast & Career Dimensions Workshop with Amy Vanderoef

This course will teach individuals how to use pictures and video for self-promotion via social media, and, in turn, will help develop their personal brand while gaining invaluable on-camera instruction. Class includes a brief phone consultation following, where Amy will offer personal feedback.



Introduction to Television Commercials – ITV

This course is designed to help students in all aspects of making television commercials.  This course begins with a discussion of technical terms, scoring copy, and basic guidelines for interpretation.
Class includes an introduction to camera technique by using a wide variety of situations.  Students will be taped, and qualified instructors will give feedback on performance. Course will conclude with a discussion on resume writing and obtaining headshots and an agent.



Television Commercial Workshop – TVW

This course builds on what is learned in Introduction to Television Commercials.   Throughout each class, students are videotaped as they rehearse a wide variety of commercial copy from slice of life, bite and smile, spokesperson to industrials. Course work will include cold readings, audition techniques for the camera, teleprompter and audio prompter.



Introduction to Acting – IACT

Students learn the basics of acting through scene study and improvisation.  Course work covers the fundamentals of character development for identifying objectives, obstacles and tactics in each scene.  Acting and film unions and their membership are discussed throughout the course.



Acting Workshop (Scene Study) – SS

This acting workshop is an advanced class which includes acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances, emotional preparation, and improvisation techniques. In this acting workshop, students learn to break down material to understand what they are saying and doing.  Exercises are taught for getting out of the head and into the heart, moment to moment, character development, transitions, motivation and script analysis.

Prerequisite – Introduction to Acting Workshop or approval of Admissions Department.


Acting Workshop (Improvisation) – ACTWIMP

Improvisation is an acting technique of developing scenes spontaneously. This fun and challenging course teaches students quick thinking and teamwork skills needed to make an improv show great; skills which also benefit all aspects of acting and auditioning.



Camera Workshop – CAMACT

This Film Acting Workshop works on the specialized techniques of acting for film and television.  The material covers the further exploration of close-ups and over-the-shoulder shots, along with techniques for hitting marks and staying in frame.

Prerequisite – Introduction to Acting or Introduction to Television Commercials or upon approval of Admissions Department.


Voice-Over/Radio Commercials – VO

Students learn the ropes of acting on a mic with a professional sound engineer and established voice coach as their guide.  Lecture includes DFW market audition, the job, follow-up, self-promotion, the union and agencies.  Each student receives private coaching and studio time.



Voice-Over/Radio Commercials (Advanced) – ADVVO

This advanced course will help students further develop voice-over skill while preparing to work in the voice-over market.




Audition Technique Seminar – AT

This one-day seminar is about preparing you for auditions. It’s main focus is on powerful, active choices, the kind of choices that bring you alive and allow you to attack a scene, make it yours, grab the role and do the work! From script breakdown, cold reading to owning the role from the minute you walk in door are the techniques you will be learning about.

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