Children’s Classes and Camps

Let Your Light Shine

With an alumni roster that includes Travis Tedford (The Little Rascals), Kevin McHale (Glee) and Disney star Demi Lovato, our acting classes and summer camps for children and teens are designed to give kids the basic foundations of succeeding in the entertainment industry in an environment that is both fun and educational.

Because we understand that both students and parents have busy schedules, these 8-week courses are offered year-round on weekends only. Classes are available in acting for kids and teenagers from 4 through 16 years old, and modeling classes are offered for ages 6 through 18.

In addition to classes, we also offer summer camps that give kids an immersive experience in the entertainment field of their choice, including acting, musical theatre production, motion picture production, and modeling.

Both our classes and summer camps are focused on giving all kids, including those with little or no experience, a hands-on learning experience that will give them the skills they need to continue to learn about a future in the entertainment industry – all while having fun.

We are dedicated to the development of acting, musical theatre and motion picture production skills as avenues into the professional world of entertainment. Because the business of entertainment is ever changing, the Board of Directors, administration, staff and faculty are continuously searching for ways to provide a strong foundation for aspiring artists. This brochure provides general information, program outlines, course content, as well as staff and faculty rosters. To the best of our knowledge, all information presented in this brochure is true and correct. If you have any questions beyond the scope of the information contained in the brochure, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office at 469-364-9638.

What sets KD Studio apart from other acting programs is our faculty – experienced, working professionals who know the business from the inside out. For over 30 years, KD Studio has been helping artists hone their craft so that they can succeed in the entertainment industry. KD Studio has become one of the country’s most successful training grounds for professionals in acting, musical theatre, and movie production.

View our Alumni Success Stories to see how we have helped others achieve their dreams, and get a glimpse of the career path that is waiting for you.

For more information on Summer Camps and Classes for children fill out the form below or contact a representative at (469) 364-9638. KD Studio offers a variety of Accredited Degree Programs, Short Courses, Summer Camps and Workshops designed to hone your skills, develop your talent, and prepare you for a successful career in entertainment.