Degreed Programs

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At KD Conservatory, our goal is to promote the continued growth and development of beginning and advanced artists.  Highly qualified professionals serve as faculty to keep students in constant contact with working artists who understand the dynamics of the entertainment industry.

We offer three accredited, degreed programs to choose from:

Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Acting Performance
Through improvisation, script analysis and the study of monologue materials, students are introduced to the fundamentals of performance.  Special emphasis is placed on interpretation and translation of the dramatic script as the basis for  Read More

Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Musical Theatre
This program is designed to give students every competitive advantage possible.  It is not an easy program and is very intense.  Upon successful completion of the 15-month program, students graduate and are expected to possess acting, singing and dancing skills Read More

Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Motion Picture Production (Filmmaking)
Students gain proficiency in the skills and crafts of filmmaking in a hands-on environment, focusing on screenwriting, directing, producing, and post production (editing, mixing, music and delivery).  In the three first semesters, each student produces, writes, directs Read More


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