Class Descriptions

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Ballet I

The student will learn to execute basic ballet instruction and participate in routines utilizing ballet technique

Jazz Dance I

The student will learn to execute basic jazz steps from instruction and participate in jazz dance technique.

Dance Performance I – Tap

The student will learn to execute basic tap instruction and participate in tap dance performance

Piano Class I

This course is a class instruction in the fundamentals of keyboard technique for beginning piano students.

Ballet II

This course is instruction and participation in ballet technique.

Jazz Dance II

This course is instruction and participation in jazz dance technique.

Music Performance Ear Training I

This course is an introduction to sight singing tonal music in commonly used clefs. Topics include aural study (including dictation) of the commercial aspects of melody and diatonic harmony. The student will learn to sing tonal music in treble, bass, tenor, and alto clefs; demonstrate improved sight singing abilities; and dictate rhythms, melodies, and basic harmony. 4/30/60

Ballet III

This course is instruction and participation in ballet technique on an immediate level.

Dance Performance II – Tap

This course is instruction and participation in tap dance performance.

Jazz Dance III

This course is instruction and participation in jazz dance technique on an immediate level.

Advanced Acting the Song

This course is designed as a culmination of the students’ musical theatre acting training and as preparation for entry into the professional community. Special emphasis is placed on recognizing character types, the choice of suitable audition material and interacting with partners’ song presentations. Under the supervision of the instructor, students will focus on selecting and rehearsing monologues and songs for theatre auditions and on partnered scenes and songs to be performed in the graduation showcase, utilizing the school library and online resources.

Musical Audition Techniques

The student will perfect cold reading technique for commercial, industrial, and musical theatre auditions with emphasis placed on identifying and using personal qualities, developing spontaneity, controlling anxiety, improving concentration and listening skills. In addition, the students will prepare and present audition songs. Students will also work on the preparation, organization, and presentation of resumes, headshots, and other marketing materials for the graduation showcase.

History of Musical Theatre

The student will learn the development of the musical theatre form of art from the earliest times through the 20th century.

Ballet IV

This course is instruction and participation in ballet technique on an intermediate level.

Musical Theatre I

This course is a presentation of literature from the musical theatre including operetta, revues, and musical comedy with emphasis on vocal and movement skills. The student will prepare and rehearse a musical theatre production; present a musical theatre production as part of the cast or technical crew; memorize a musical theatre role; and prepare vocal and/or dance performances.

Dance Performance III –Tap

This course is instruction and participation in tap dance performance on an intermediate level.

Introduction to Musical Theatre

The primary focus of this class is to introduce the student to the basic Elements of a Musical. Topics will include song structure, song types, song placement and lyric construction. It will also cover all the key players in the creation of a Musical, as well as, the audition process. The very beginnings of book musicals will be studied from the Greeks through the operetta. The history of the book musical will be continued in the third semester.

Musical Theatre Performance I – Style Study

Using techniques acquired in the first semester, the student is guided to develop further musical theatre skills through preparation, research and solo performance in class. The history and styles of musical theatre are explored through assignments that include Gilbert and Sullivan, operettas, vaudeville, the roaring twenties, the jazzy thirties, and the golden age of integrated book musicals.

Musical Theatre Performance II – Scene Study

The student explores a series of assigned scenes in which the book of a musical is integrated with its score, focusing on the skills needed to perform in a musical. Duets, trios, and small group scenes are assigned. Solo work continues throughout the semester with the addition and emphasis on ensemble work. The student will prepare a final project that integrates skill areas including choral singing, harmony, sight singing, staging, choreography, and character study.

Musical Theatre Performance III – Capstone Performance Project

In the final semester, the student will prepare, audition for, and rehearse a final performance project of a full-length musical. Under the guidance of a director, the student experiences a professional rehearsal process and participates in a musical produced at a theatre.

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