Program Curriculum

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First Semester – 15 weeks
In the first semester students will benefit from Music Performance, Ear Training and Piano I. Emphasis here will be to develop the connection between the keyboard (which is included in the tuition) the ear, the brain and the voice. This course will develop and reinforce several specific skills; sight singing, interval training, choral singing in harmonies, keyboard skills and the ability to teach themselves new repertoire on their own. The development of these skill sets will enhance the marketability of the student as a performer. In the first semester the student takes the first of four semesters of Acting, the four semesters of Ballet (the basis of all dance forms), the first of three semesters of Jazz Dance and Tap. Introduction to Voice works on freeing the students voice through breathing techniques for the actor and all aspects of tone production and vocal flexibility for voice and speech.

  • Music Performance Ear Training I
  • Introduction to Acting
  • Introduction to Voice
  • Ballet I
  • Jazz Dance I
  • Piano Class I
  • Introduction to Musical Theater
  • Dance Performance I – Tap



Second Semester – 15 weeks
The second semester builds on the basics of semester one in all disciplines. Acting class takes the student from solo work to reacting and creating with other students. The work accomplished with monologues will progress to scene work and will start to incorporate the creative process. Vocal interpretation of classic Music Theatre repertoire is introduced this semester. Speech and Phonetics are added to the disciplines of Acting and Singing.

  • Forms of Literature
  • Musical Theatre Performance I
  • Acting II
  • Speech and Phonetics
  • Ballet II
  • Dance Performance II – Tap
  • Human Biology



Third Semester – 15 weeks
In the third semester students use advanced techniques to strengthen their listening and reacting skills, as well as to identify and develop subtext of a script, song, or dance. Further study of the literature and history of the Musical Theatre art form are incorporated for more specific training.

  • Acting III
  • Ballet III
  • Dance Performance III – Tap
  • Jazz Dance II
  • Social Psychology
  • History of Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre Performance II



Fourth Semester – 15 weeks
The fourth semester curriculum concentrates on refining all the skills students have acquired during their training while expanding their knowledge of professional behavior in the world of professional Musical Theatre. Extensive preparation for auditioning, rehearsal discipline, and performance maintenance will prepare students to become a professional in a professional company and will help them earn a positive reputation. The final semester will culminate in an industry showcase performance. Invited to this catered affair will be Agents, Casting Agents, Producers, Directors, Choreographers and Theatre owners, all to help launch our graduates into the professional world.

  • Advanced Acting the Song
  • Musical Audition Techniques
  • Musical Theatre Performance III
  • Ballet IV
  • Musical Theatre I
  • Jazz Dance III



Included in tuition, each student will receive all text books, a keyboard and all dance wear and dance shoes required to begin the program.

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