Higher Standard of Education – With a Lower Cost of Living

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Nearly 3,000 miles separate the two cities that are often considered the acting meccas of America: Los Angeles and New York City. But just a touch over 1,500 miles to the southwest of the bright lights of Broadway, and slightly less than that same distance to the east of Hollywood, the two cultures collide in a city that offers the acting and film students more experience and opportunities than you may realize.

At KD Conservatory, we provide our students things you might not find in cities like LA and New York, including smaller classes that mean more personalized instruction and more attention from your professors. And our Dallas location means that we offer top of the line education and excellent opportunities in a city you can afford.

Living in Los Angeles costs 35.97% more than Dallas. Groceries are an additional 7%, housing is more than two-and-a-half times more, utilities are bumped up 4%, and healthcare costs 5% more.

Compared to Dallas, the cost of living in New York City – in Brooklyn, specifically – is nearly doubled. Groceries cost 25% more, housing is a whopping 344% higher, utilities increase 31%, and healthcare costs are raised by 10%. All together, the cost of living is 92.29% higher in New York City than in Dallas.

By choosing KD Conservatory and Dallas, Texas, you can get the quality education and valuable experience you want – with a cost of living that’s actually affordable.

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