You Got a Callback: Now What?

Whether you spent hours, days or weeks waiting after your audition, you finally got the exciting news: you’ve been selected for a callback audition. Congratulations! Now that you’ve officially made it on to the next round of auditions, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you make the most of your callback audition – and hopefully ultimately land the role. Be Prepared for More Interaction Though callback auditions will vary due to the type of performance and other factors, it’s safe to expect that your callback audition will involve much more direct interaction with the casting director…. read more

Preparing Your Voice for a Musical Theatre Audition

A musical theatre audition can require demonstrations of various talents, including acting, singing and movement; having the vocal part of your audition prepared will have you ready to handle anything else thrown at you during the audition. These tips will help you prepare your voice and get you ready for your musical theatre audition. Practice, Practice, Practice Practicing your audition pieces will give you the confidence you need to go in and nail your audition. Not only will you be less likely to forget your lyrics or make a mistake, but you will also feel more comfortable with the nuances… read more