3 Tips Every Actor Needs to Know

Listen to direction. A director needs to know that they can get what they want out of an actor. Even if you’re a phenomenal actor, directors will not want to work with you if you can’t take direction. Responding well to direction, being able to change how you perform a scene, will make directors much more eager to work with you. Visualize a scene when performing it. When acting, you need to visualize where your scene is taking place and then project that image onto your performance space. If you’re gesturing to a clock or a door, put it in… read more

How to Break Your Child into the Entertainment Industry

1st – You need an agent and professional-quality headshots. You can get headshots done at any local photography studio. While your child should look good in their headshots, keep in mind that these aren’t glamour shots. Your child should still look like themselves. Casting directors will quickly get annoyed if they call your child in for an audition based on their headshot and they show up looking completely different. As for getting an agent, we have a list of local talent agents here on our website. However, just meeting with an agent is not the end of the story… 2nd… read more

How to be more confident for your on-camera audition

Going in for an on-camera audition can be pretty nerve-wracking. You’ll be auditioning in front of a bunch of people whom you don’t know and you’ll only have a little bit of time to prove yourself. However, in the audition process, being charming and confident instead of nervous can be the difference between being a standout or just another face in the lineup. So here are a few tips and things to think about to help you be more confident for your on-camera auditions: Everyone gets nervous. Every actor walking into an audition is nervous. Even seasoned actors experienced with… read more

How to Conquer Stage Fright

            Stage fright is said to be the number one fear reported by adults, topping flying, sickness, and even death. So how do we conquer the stage when we can’t stop thinking about the audience? Just by facing your fear, you will develop an empowering confidence in yourself. We asked our Alumni what they do to combat their stage fright, here’s what they said: You’re going to be nervous and that’s ok! It’s about controlling that energy and using it to your advantage before and during the experience. Stand or sit in a confident posture before… read more

Is a Career Change to Acting Right for You?

When many actors talk about their career paths, they include years of acting experience than began with following their acting dreams in their youth. It may seem like in order to succeed in acting, one has to get started at a very young age. However, many actors aren’t able to pursue their passions until later in life. Harrison Ford, for example, was in his 30s and working as a carpenter before his role as Han Solo ignited his career. Alan Rickman, now famous for roles such as the Sherriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Hogwarts professor… read more

How to Juggle Acting Work and a Full-Time Job

Even if acting isn’t your full-time job, the hours spent with agents, auditions and rehearsals can make it seem like it. Unfortunately, for many aspiring actors and those trying to get started in acting, they pay you make at first isn’t nearly enough to pay the bills. The idea of holding down a full-time job while pursuing your dream career in acting may sound daunting, and the truth is it can be difficult. However, it’s far from impossible, and the hard work and long hours you put in now will pay off later. Here are some tips for following your… read more

Am I Too Old to Start Acting?

If you’ve passed your teen years, sometimes it may seem like you may be “too old” to start acting – even if you’re relatively young! Whether you’ve always loved acting and never pursued it or are looking to start up a second career, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea or even possible at all to become an actor at your age. The short answer? It’s never too late to pursue your dreams! The entertainment industry is always looking for actors to fill roles, from babies to seniors and every age in between. Although it may be more… read more

So You Want to Become an Actor: How to Get Started

You’ve got the passion and the talent to become an actor – but now what? How do you get started? To become a working actor, you need the drive to succeed. Also, following some of the following tips could help point you in the right direction. Learn About Acting as a Career Path Before you start to pursue a career in acting, it makes sense to find out a little bit more about your chosen career path. Get in touch with a working actor or two and see if they’d be willing to tell you what an average day is… read more