How to be more confident for your on-camera audition

Going in for an on-camera audition can be pretty nerve-wracking. You’ll be auditioning in front of a bunch of people whom you don’t know and you’ll only have a little bit of time to prove yourself. However, in the audition process, being charming and confident instead of nervous can be the difference between being a standout or just another face in the lineup. So here are a few tips and things to think about to help you be more confident for your on-camera auditions: Everyone gets nervous. Every actor walking into an audition is nervous. Even seasoned actors experienced with… read more

How to Conquer Stage Fright

            Stage fright is said to be the number one fear reported by adults, topping flying, sickness, and even death. So how do we conquer the stage when we can’t stop thinking about the audience? Just by facing your fear, you will develop an empowering confidence in yourself. We asked our Alumni what they do to combat their stage fright, here’s what they said: You’re going to be nervous and that’s ok! It’s about controlling that energy and using it to your advantage before and during the experience. Stand or sit in a confident posture before… read more

Dos and Don’ts for Your First Week on Set

Whether you’re an actor or working behind-the-scenes in the film production crew, your first experience working on a film or television production set can be exciting. But while it’s a huge accomplishment, it’s only the first step on your path to a career that is hopefully long and successful – and how you handle your first job can determine your future opportunities. Here are a few dos and don’ts that can help you get your first week on set started off on the right foot. Do: Take Care of Yourself! No matter what your job, days working on set can… read more

Is a Career as a Voice Actor Right for You?

The ability to portray a personality, to convey emotion, and to bring listeners into a story with voice alone is a remarkable talent – and one that is often highly sought-after. Voice actors must be able to captivate an audience, tell a story, and show a lot of personality, all without the benefit of facial expressions, body movements, or visual props. With the right voice over training, gifted voice actors can succeed in a number of different careers that call for voice talent. Do you think you have what it takes to make a career as a voice actor? Here… read more

Musical Theatre: The People Behind the Scenes

One of the aspects that sets musical theatre acting apart from film acting is the connection between the live audience and the actor; during a performance, it can seem to both parties as if the two groups, the actors and their audience, are all that exist. However, out of sight and behind the scenes is an extensive crew of talented people who the actors rely upon to make the production possible. Here are just a few of the roles that work closely with musical theatre actors, without which the show could not go on. Choreographer A choreographer is often thought… read more

You Got a Callback: Now What?

Whether you spent hours, days or weeks waiting after your audition, you finally got the exciting news: you’ve been selected for a callback audition. Congratulations! Now that you’ve officially made it on to the next round of auditions, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you make the most of your callback audition – and hopefully ultimately land the role. Be Prepared for More Interaction Though callback auditions will vary due to the type of performance and other factors, it’s safe to expect that your callback audition will involve much more direct interaction with the casting director…. read more

Stage or Film Acting: Which is Right for You?

Whether acting for the screen or on the stage, the core of the craft is essentially the same. Both offer actors the ability to live their dream of performing, enchanting audiences as they tell the story with their skills and talent. Many actors will enjoy the experience of performing on both stage and film during their careers. In fact, the willingness and ability to perform in either setting is often they key to finding success as an actor. But while film and theater acting are very similar in many ways, there are some notable differences. Deciding which one you prefer… read more

Huge Roles Out of the Spotlight: Essential Motion Picture Production Careers You Might Not Have Heard Of

When many people think of the careers involved in motion picture production, it’s often the high-profile jobs that come to mind. Everyone knows about the usual suspects, such as camera operators, directors and producers. But there are many more roles in film production that are essential to the project, but don’t often get the recognition they deserve. Here are just a few behind-the-scenes careers in film production that you may be less familiar with, but that are crucial parts of the team. Special Effects Technician Many films today are renowned for their incredible special effects. They can help the movie… read more

Tips for Writing Your First Screenplay

Every movie – classics, blockbusters, indie films and box office disasters alike – is based on and built around the same structure: the screenplay. Do you think you have what it takes to write the next great movie? Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your first screenplay. Watch Movies If you’re thinking about writing your first screenplay, chances are good that you’re already somewhat of a movie buff who has watched more than your fair share of films. That’s a great start, but now it’s time to watch more. Why? There are two big reasons: first,… read more

How to Juggle Acting Work and a Full-Time Job

Even if acting isn’t your full-time job, the hours spent with agents, auditions and rehearsals can make it seem like it. Unfortunately, for many aspiring actors and those trying to get started in acting, they pay you make at first isn’t nearly enough to pay the bills. The idea of holding down a full-time job while pursuing your dream career in acting may sound daunting, and the truth is it can be difficult. However, it’s far from impossible, and the hard work and long hours you put in now will pay off later. Here are some tips for following your… read more