Structure of a Screenplay

Even if you’re experienced in writing, writing a screenplay is like entering a whole other world. Because most full-length screenplays are written so that they can be adapted into a two-hour movie, they tend to be around 110 pages long. As a result of this standard length, there is a pretty well-defined general structure for writing screenplays. While you don’t need to follow this structure exactly to write a great screenplay, it’s always helpful to know the basics before trying something more complicated. So here are some helpful tips for understanding screenplay structure: A typical screenplay is divided into three… read more

How to Break Your Child into the Entertainment Industry

1st – You need an agent and professional-quality headshots. You can get headshots done at any local photography studio. While your child should look good in their headshots, keep in mind that these aren’t glamour shots. Your child should still look like themselves. Casting directors will quickly get annoyed if they call your child in for an audition based on their headshot and they show up looking completely different. As for getting an agent, we have a list of local talent agents here on our website. However, just meeting with an agent is not the end of the story… 2nd… read more

Film School Tips: How Long Should My Feature Film Script Be?

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Advice From Film School Instructors on Determining the Length of Your Script When you develop your first feature film in film school, you usually begin with either a short script, a short story or a novella. Depending on the requirements for your project, you need to then create a script that provides the right amount of footage. Use some of these tips taught by good film schools: Tip No. 1: Remember the 30-Second Rule In general, 30 seconds of film footage equals one page of a script. This comparison can vary depending on how wordy the lines are, but the… read more

5 Essentials Tips From the Great Film Schools

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Tips From Film School Professionals That You Can’t Afford to Ignore Good film schools have a way of taking you back to the basics of good storytelling. Even if you graduate from a school that film aficionados would respect, you won’t make a movie that’s memorable if you ignore these five essentials. No. 1: A Great Script You may hear this often in film school: “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.” A good feature film script engages your actors and motivates them to develop their characters. If the audience cares about the characters, then they’ll… read more

Film School Essentials:3 Sound Tools You Can’t Live Without

Essential Sound Equipment That Every Film School Crew Needs In film school, you learn that a movie’s sound is just as important as its visual effects. To surround your audience with great audio, you’ll need to invest in the best equipment that you can afford. Focus on these three essentials while you’re working on your school film project: Microphones for Your Film School Project When you’re purchasing microphones for your film, make sure that you consider each microphone’s range. For example, some microphones record well when placed close to your actors while others record well at a distance. Purchase microphones… read more