How Adult Improv Classes Can Benefit You

Improvisation classes for adults are more popular than ever! Improv classes aren’t just for acting students; some Ivy League business schools are requiring their students take improv acting classes to help with their careers.  So how can taking improv classes help you?  In addition to honing your acting skills, learning the art of improvisation can help in areas from public speaking to professional development and even interpersonal relationships – if communication requires thinking on your feet, training in improvisation can benefit your life. 1. Decrease your social stress Life is all about dealing with the unexpected; and for many of… read more

Improvisation with Bob Coonrod

  Here’s a unique opportunity to learn improvisation from a master!  Whatever industry you’re in or whatever level of acting classes you’ve had, don’t miss this improvisation class that is designed to help develop your unique abilities in a supportive and challenging setting.  Learn the fundamentals of improvisation in an interactive way through games and exercises in agreement, commitment, spontaneity and listening. Ages:18 & up Length: 8 weeks Dates: February 27 – April 10 Days: Wednesday Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm Price: $325 Bob Coonrod has more than 20 years of experience in producing, acting and instructing in the entertainment industry…. read more

You Can’t Make This Up: Actors Known for Their Improv Skills

To truly master the art of improvisational acting, you must be able to think on your feet, respond to the unexpected without missing a beat, and seamlessly create a spur-of-the-moment dialog that other cast members can integrate into their performance. What’s more, you must do all this while continuing to engage the audience with your storytelling or comedy. Through excelling at improv takes talent, practice, and acting training, some actors are able to make it look effortless. Here are just a few actors whose have found success making improvisation a major part of their careers. Robin Williams – From his… read more