Seminar: Prepare for On Camera Auditions with John S. Davies

August 29, 2013  |  Posted by: Kathy Tyner

Seminar for Acting Auditions On Camera with John S. Davies

Auditioning for the Camera
Saturday, September 14th Seminar
with John S. Davies

1-day Seminar
(Adults 18 & Over)

September 14, 2013
10am – 5pm
(working lunch, please bring a lunch)


John S. Davies’ 1-day Seminar
prepares actors to Audition on Camera.

It covers four main areas:

  • Audition as Performance-Actors are self-conscious in auditions because they feel that they are being judged (and usually found wanting). Actors want to know ‘What do they want?’ Actors believe that the producers and directors and casting directors they audition for have very specific requirements for the part they are casting. In fact, “what do they want?” is the wrong question to ask. At the beginning of this workshop, I discuss the audition as, in fact, a performance, but one with special rules and I suggest actors treat the audition as a chance to do what they love-perform.
  • Preparing for the Audition-Since the audition is a performance you have to give without a three week rehearsal, I discuss how to prepare the material to give the best performance possible in a limited time.
  • Performing the Audition-I discuss and demonstrate how an actual audition works: where the camera is; where the audience is and what is expected of you in the audition.
  • Mock Audition- I hand out script sides and give the actors time to prepare (This is done over lunch). The afternoon consists of mock auditions with me as the casting director followed by playback and critique.

John S. Davies is an actor, director and acting teacher with more than 30 years’ experience in the business. He has been teaching actors how to audition for more than fifteen years and he’s had reasonable success auditioning himself.

Some of John’s credits include: Films such as Magnolia, JFK, Alamo, Robocob. TV series such as a recurring role on Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Walker, Texas Ranger and many more. John can also been seen on stage as well as commercials and TV movies.
For his full credits, click on his webpage
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